Work From Home Jobs: 10 Best Ways To Make Money From Amazon

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If we talk about Amazon, it is pretty popular in India as an online shopping website. However, there are no two opinions on this. It is a vast and famous e-commerce company not only in India but globally. And today in India also, this company has extended itself to the countryside where courier facility etc. is available. This is why today, even in a big country like India, Amazon is not interested in any introduction. Since online shopping in India is also increasing day by day, most people are well aware of Amazon. 

You may be well aware that you can shop online from anywhere through an online portal called Amazon. But do you also know that money can be earned through this company by adopting not one or two but more than 10 methods? If not, today we will tell you about various ways to make money from Amazon through this article and you all can do it as work from home jobs. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to read this article till the end.

10 Best Amazon Work From Home Jobs Opportunity

Whether you are a student, unemployed, housewife or any other professional person, it does not matter if you want to earn some extra money. So today, we are going to tell you about different ways to work from home through Amazon and earny thousands of money. But keep in mind that you should be of such age that you are legally required to do some business. In short, it is necessary for an adult to be interested in earning money through the methods available on Amazon. So let’s know about the various ways through which money can be made on Amazon by working as a home jobs.

1. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world. It is open to all those who have their own social media page, blog or website etc. This is to say that any person who has a social media page, blog or website can join this affiliate program. Whenever a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases something, you are paid a small amount by the company as a commission. 

There is no need to pay any fee for joining, but it is free. When you enter this affiliate program, Amazon provides you with a free dashboard in which you can create great ads and links to put on your social media, blog, etc. Some people in India have also been able to earn a decent amount of money through this affiliate program. Especially bloggers who give accurate and reliable reviews of the product.

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2. Amazon Flex is the Best Part-Time Work From Home Jobs

This program, called Amazon Flex, is also an excellent and easy way to earn money. Every adult person who has their vehicle in addition to a valid driving license is eligible to earn money. Under this program, people are given the responsibility of delivering goods etc., to the customer addresses by Amazon. Therefore the payment is made by the company on an hourly basis. 

This means that if you want, you can earn money by doing this work part-time too. To make money from Amazon Flex, you have to install its app on your mobile, and after that, you will have to fill in your details and apply through this app. And when the company accepts the application after review, you will only be eligible for delivery. Here is more information on Amazon Flex.

3. Publish Your Own Book on Amazon

Suppose you are a writer or a poet, or a professional person who runs to teach a particular skill to others. So you can earn money through Amazon’s Self Publish Program. Amazon offers you a royalty of up to 80 per cent on the sale of any print-book or electronic book published under this program. 

You can also create an audiobook to sell through Amazon. Under this program, Amazon provides many free resources to the author, using which the author can make his book very good and attractive. Apart from this, the publicity of the author’s book on such a big e-commerce website is also being done for free.

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4. Sell Your Goods by Becoming Amazon Seller

Through the world’s vast and famous e-commerce company Amazon, any company, small seller, owner of a brand, etc., can all sell their goods. But first, they have to become sellers in Amazon. If you have started a startup or start a home-based business, and now you want to grow it, Amazon provides an ideal platform. However, big companies have a separate team to upload their products to Amazon attractively. But small businesses do not have such a different team, but they can earn money by becoming sellers in Amazon. 

Becoming a seller and selling your product as a seller on Amazon is essentially an easy process. You have to list your product, and then Amazon starts showing it to the customers. As soon as the customer purchases the item, you get information about this and then you have to pack the product and keep it ready. Amazon then picks the product from there and delivers it to the customer’s address. Here is the information to become a seller on Amazon.

5. Make Decent Amount of Money Through Amazon Business

This platform, named Amazon Business, has been specifically designed keeping in mind the Business to Business (B2B) sales and shopping. This is to say that only companies selling their goods to other companies can sell their goods through this portal. This is to say that if you do a business in which there are mainly other companies as your customers, then you can take advantage of this platform of Amazon. This kind of stuff can be anything like machinery, industrial equipment, chemicals etc. And this company, called Amazon, also offers a relatively affordable B2B advertising facility to promote entrepreneurs’ products. 

With the help of Amazon Business, foreign companies have been able to purchase goods from companies of other countries. As we all know, the Amazon business is a very prestigious and responsible platform so that companies can sell only those items. Those which are valid for import or export and which can be exported as per the rules.

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6. Create and Sell Your Apps on Amazon

This way of earning money from Amazon is only for those who know software development, app development, etc. This might be one of great Amazon work from jobs for college going students. Software developers can also create apps for Amazon Fire Stick TV and other Android-based devices. However, the developer needs an Amazon developer account, which the developer can open for free. Amazon gives the developer free resources to test his app, and then the developer can also sell his app through the Amazon App Store.

7. Sell Your Design and Make Money

Merch by Amazon is a platform through which a creative person can sell the design he has made anywhere in the world. Friends, to earn money through this platform, a person needs to be creative. In this, a person can create his account and upload his artwork for free. And whenever a customer buys this artwork, you get your money. You can create artwork for a shirt, T-shirt, other clothes or any other item.

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8. Make Big Money From Amazon By Selling The Services

By the way, we all know very well that through Amazon, the seller can sell his product. But do you also know that through Amazon Sell Services, a professional person or company can also sell their professional service? Through this, you can sell any service like housekeeping, shifting, moving, repairing, maintenance, all types of consulting service, accounting etc. And there are some such services which the entrepreneur can sell not only in his country but also in foreign countries. And that is consulting services because it does not require the entrepreneur to send anything or employees to work.

9. Become and Amazon Influencer

This is also a great way to earn money from Amazon, but it is only for those who have a good fan following Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Yes, if you are very famous on the mentioned platform and have millions of followers, you can earn money by becoming an Amazon Influencer. To make money from this, the entrepreneur has to join the Amazon Influencer Program through a qualifying social media account. After that, you have to prepare your storefront and share the product among your followers. When the customer buys an item through your storefront, then the person gets paid a commission.

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10. Earn Money By Becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Although we all know very well that Amazon is not only the country but the world’s largest company, but there is no doubt that all the vehicles involved in its operations cannot be their own. This is to say that thousands of cars engaged in this company cannot be the company’s own, but to connect other people or vehicles with them, the company has started a program called Amazon Delivery Service Partner. And under this program, owners of all small and big cars can register themselves and play the role of delivery partner in Amazon. As an Amazon delivery service partner, the entrepreneur has to load the truck from the Amazon Fulfillment Center and deliver it to the local delivery station.

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