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In this article, I will tell you how you can apply for voter id card online for free in India. If you are 18 or older then this Id Card is very important to you.

Why Is Voter ID Card Necessary For You?

India is a country of deep roots, rich diversity, and largest democracy in the world. Choosing your favorite leaders by-election is the most important part of democracy. If you live in India and you are 18 or older then you have the right to vote. A citizen’s vote for any country is an important contribution. Because one person can give any leader the choice because of a vote of that person.

Therefore voting is a very important task for every country. And voting is also very important for citizens of our country. Therefore, any citizen has to make a voter ID card to vote for his favorite leader. With the help of Voter Id Card, you are identified and can give to vote.

Document Required For Voter ID Card?

  • First of all, you must be 18 or older
  • One Passport Size Photo
  • Any One Age Proof (Birth Certificate, Class 10th, 8th or 5th Mark sheet, Adhar Card, Pan Card, Indian Passport, Driving Licence)
  • Any One Address Proof (Indian Passport, Driving Licence, Bank/Kisan Post Office Current Passbook, Ration Card, Income Tax Assesment Order, Rent Agreement, Water Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Gas Connection Bill)

Apply for Voter Id Card Online (Free)

Now I want to tell you some things by filling the Voter Id card form. Before applying for the voting card, you have to save all of your documents already on your computer. So that when you go to fill out the form and you are about to submit the documents, you can easily submit all the documents. And all the * symbols given in the form will be required. Meaning Where you have the * symbol, you need to fil them in that place.

You will be given 7 different sections of the form filling. So I will tell every section in detail that what area you have to fill. So read this tutorial carefully and fill the application form.

First of all, visit the website After the opening of this website, you have to click on ‘Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC’. Now you will be redirected to the new page (Form 6) where you can fill the application for voter id card.

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Section 1 (Name and Constituency)

These section fields contain for your State, District, and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency. Fill your present State Name, enter your district name and then enter your parliamentary Constituency i.e Tehsil name.

name and constituency

After that, a very important term will come to you is that if you are applying voter id card for the first time then select “As a first time voter”. Or if you are getting shifted to another constituency then select “due to shifting from another constituency”.

Section 2 (mandatory particulars)

In this section, all the fields are mandatory. In this, you will have to fill your name, your surname, Gender, anyone one of your relative name and surname, Type of your Relation (Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Guru) and your birthdate.

When you try to fill on those fields then your regional name will automatically get filled in the front side of boxes. Unfortunately, if your regional name is not filled to that automatically then you can write manually to that field. You will provide a new virtual keyboard on that screen.

mandatory particulars

At the bottom of the type of relation, you will get another option in which you have to write your relatives’ birth date. So this website has given you two options. If you know the details of your relative birthday with its year, month, and date, you can select the lowest option. But if you know the exact year of your relative i.e how old he/she is then you can select the first option.

Section 3 (Current Address)

current address

These section fields contain your current resident address. If your permanent address is different from your current resident address then you have to fill your current living address here. These fields are important because when your applying of voter id card is done then your card will send to this current resident address.

So enter your address here carefully. As I told you that all the asterisk(*) marks are mandatory.

Section 4 (Permanent Address)

permanent address

If your current residential address and permanent address is the same then you don’t have to need to fill these fields. You just need to enter a tick mark at “Same as Above”. But if your both addresses are different then you need to fill this.

Section 5 (Optional particulars)

If you are physically disabled then this field is very important for you. Here you have given three different option that in which disability you have. If an applicant has trouble in the eyes or he is less visible or if he is blinded by birth then you have to tick mark in the visual impairment box.

optional particulars

Secondly, if a candidate has difficulty in speaking or hearing or there is some kind of illness due to which he is unable to speak or hear, then you have to tick on speech and hearing disability. Third, if a candidate has a disability in any bone, joint, or muscle, then it has to tick on locomotor disability.

But if you don’t have any physical problem then you don’t need to touch this section. Just leave these field as is it. If you have an email id and mobile number then you can enter on further field. Email ID and phone number will help you to track your voter id card status.

section 6 (Upload Supporting Document)

As I said to you that before you apply for the Voter ID card, upload all your necessary documents to your computer and save it. So whenever you came to submit a document, you could upload it from your computer.

document for applying voter id card

In this section, you have to upload three documents. First your passport size photo, the second one of your proof, and third your address proof. All three documents are required.

Before uploading all the documents, check that all the documents are in the correct and clear state. Your photo should be clear and should be of passport size only.

After uploading the document, you have been given a list of what kind of document you have in that document. From there you can select the type of document.

Section 7 (Declaration)

The declaration is very important for this form. When you make a declaration agreement in a form, it is understood that all your information is correct and it is also understood that it has filled the form according to your information.

Therefore, you also get the declaration section in this form. For this, you are confirmed to name your city or village, your state, and your district again.

declaration section for voter id card

After that, you have to enter the date of the day you are living. After that, if you are applying your name for the first time for the electoral roll, you have to select the third option. But if your name is already registered in the electoral roll some days ago, then you have to select the 4th option.

After that, again a box (Place) will come in front of you where you have to fill your current city name. Now in the last, you have to enter the captcha and click on the Submit button. But before you hit the submit button, I would like to tell you that please again cross-check all information that you enter correctly.

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Save Reference ID and Track Your Voter ID Card Status

After submitting of your voter id card form, you will get a reference number which will help you to track your voter id card status. Just save that reference id on your computer or write it in any important paper or diary.

online application status for voter id card

After you submit the form, all your details will be verified by the government and after that, your Voter Id Card will deliver to your home. There is no fixed time for how long this process will run. Because this is government work and it may take some time. Therefore, the best way is to keep checking your voter ID card status at regular times.

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