11 Best and Legitimate Online Money Making Games For 2020

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In the Gaming world, there is a lot of opportunities to build your careers. So many game lovers want to play online games and also want to earn some extra money while they play. But most of the game freaks failed to find the correct money-making game sites.

So making money through the game is not difficult in today’s time. With the help of this post, I am going to list out 11 best platforms where when you play online, you have opportunities to earn some extra cash. All sites are legit and they actually pay you when you play online.

1. Worldwinner

Worldwinner is best money making website from game

Do you like playing competitive games or any tournament games? If your answer is yes, then this will be a very fantastic platform for you. According to Worldwinner, $250,000 prized out every day, 100,000 tournaments are played daily.

You will be given a variety of games to pick and play like arcade games, word games, and card games, as well as popular games, like Angry Birds Champions, Wheel of Fortune, Trivial Pursuit, Pac-Man, and The Price, is Right: Super Plinko.

2. Secondlife

Secondlife is popular online money making game website

Secondlife proves itself why it is a very popular platform for earning money while playing games here. According to Similarweb, more than 20 million users come to this website. There are mainly 4 ways to earn money from this website.

  • Become Merchant – If you’re good in virtual designer, then you can create and sell your own virtual products to the global marketplace.
  • Become Landlord – You can become a virtual landlord here. Yes, you heard right. Renting virtual land to tenants can be a very lucrative business.
  • Create Experiences (Become Game Player and Developer) – If you want to earn money and if you have super imagination power than create and monetize your own immersive games, music venues, dance clubs, adult entertainment spaces, or any virtual experience.
  • By doing Part-Time/Full-Time Jobs – Yes, you can earn Linden Dollars working full or part-time for an inworld business. Clubs need hosts, talent bookers, DJs, and other performers. Stores often need salespeople and customer support staff, and creators are often seeking skill collaborators.

3. Play Games on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is online money making game website

You must have heard about it before. But if you don’t know about it then let me tell you about it. Swagbucks is a worldwide popular platform where anyone can earn money by completing some little tasks. There are several tasks available such as searching products, watching videos, shopping, and playing games.

Yes, Swagbucks offers you to earn money while playing games here. Apart from playing games, you can also earn money if you complete other tasks here.

4. Point Club

Pointclub money making game website

This is another fantastic web portal where teenagers, as well as youngsters both, can earn money while playing games here. Basically, it is a survey platform that pays you when you complete several tasks like completing surveys, playing games online, and many more. As I said, above 13 years old can play games and earn money through using this website. You must have a valid email address for signup. When you signup, you will get $5 as a signup bonus also.

5. Sitago (Earn Money By Playing Skills Games)

Sitago is money making game

Do you think that you have fantastic skills? If your answer is Yes, then come to Sitago and enhance your skills and earn money with that. Sitago is a new but fast-growing platform for game-playing lovers. There are a lot of games are listed such as Board Game, Card Game, Puzzle, Trivia, Word, and many more.

6. PlayandWin.co.uk

Playandwin money making game

This is one of the popular platforms in the UK that anyone can play and win real money. You can participate in different tournaments and win prizes. They have listed so many games which you definitely like to play. Playandwin allows you to win some handsome prizes and money if you play online here for the regular time.

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7. Paidgameplayer

Paidgameplayer online money making game

As the name suggests, Paidgameplayer is an online gaming platform where you can earn handsome money. Before going to play, you have to make an account here. After making an account, you have access to play online games, download games, and compete for offers. Here, you can also boost your earning by reviewing online games, trying brand name products, completing surveys, and referring to your friends.

8. Bingo4money

Online money making game website Bingo4money homepage

This will be an awesome platform for some users because Bingo4money has available more than 300 games. So you can choose your preference. The most important thing over there is when your signup, you will get $25 as a bonus. Therefore Bingo4money can put some extra cash in your account.

9. Freeslots4u.com

Freeslots4u homepage online money making game

Have you played slots game ever before? Freeslots4u is an online game where you can play online slots for completely free of cost. They have listed more than 85 slots for you. They give you so many opportunities to earn some handsome cash. So what are you waiting for? Just go and check out this website for information.

10. Bananatic

Money making game Bananatic homepage

This is another fabulous website for the game lover who wants to earn some fantastic cash. Millions of people from Germany and Brazil are come here to play games and earn money. This money-making game can be very beneficial for you if you love to play games online. To earn cash from this money-making game, you have to create your own account here. To get more information about Bananatic, visit their official website.

11. PCH Games

game making money of pch games homepage

This platform is completely available for US citizens. You don’t believe that according to Similarweb, over more than 90 million users visit this website on a monthly basis. You can imagine how this site is popular in the US. Here, if you play games, you will be able to win tokens.

After that those tokens can be converted into cash. PCH games offer to play different tournaments in which players earn tokens. So if you’re excited to visit and play here, then visit their official website.

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