Money Making Apps: 40 True & Tried Apps To [Make $500+/Month]

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Making money by apps is getting easier day by day because in today’s time a lot of companies are launching their own apps where people can do small tasks start making money.

Of course, money-making apps will not make you rich but it can surely help you to fill your pocket by some cash. There are still some people who think that making money on apps are may be fraud or scam.

But believe me, a lot legitimate and tried apps are still there that pay the awesome amount. Therefore we personally researched and tried all those apps and after that, we found 40 best money making apps that you can install on your phone and start working.

Complete Simple Task From These Apps

1. Instacart

Instacart is a very popular go-to service for quick and effective grocery delivery. It allows you to deliver groceries from the local stores within one or two hours.

As an Instacart grocery shopper, you have to purchase grocery items and delivered them to the given address.

If we talk about the average earning, then a person can earn around $15-$20/h. So if you’re looking for genuine money making an app that pays you awesome money, then definitely consider it. Download Instacart

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2. UberEats

This is another delivery service where you can turn your car into a money-making machine. If you own a car then it could be a super cool option to make money from this app.

If you want to work on your schedule and around in your area, then UberEats can be a fantastic option for you. A lot of people are still making tons of money from this app. Download UberEats

3. Rover

Do you like to hang out with pet dogs? If you love pets very much then this platform can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Rover app connects dog walker with the owner of pets which means you will be paid for hanging out with pets. You can do all these things through your phone.

If we talk about average earning here, then a pet sitter paid around $20-$100 for a night. This could be the best money making apps for teenagers or kids who love pets.Download Rover

4. Lyft

Lyft is another great option to make money as a side hustle if you’re living in a very busy area. You can also work on your weekend on Lyft. Nowadays there is a promotion going on where a Lyft driver can get up to $1000 bonus if you complete 125th ride here.

Note: Bonus can be changed in the future. So check out on the website where is this promotion is going or not.

So if you decided to become a Lyft driver, then this the best option to do in your spare time. Download Lyft

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5. HealthyWage

Earn up to $10000 cash with weight loss challenges and contests. Make weight loss fun with cash prizes. This app offers a lot of ways to earn money.

The more weight you lose, the more money you will earn here. HealthyWage is a really fun and true app where anyone can make some extra money by just losing his/her weight.
Download HealthyWage

6. Postmates

It is an American company that employs couriers to deliver goods locally. If you’re currently staying in crowded cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, etc then the chances to make money from here is more.

You’ll earn a payout for each completed pickup and each completed drop-off. Download Postmates

7. Doordash

It is an American based on-demand prepared food delivery service company. It is a platform that connects the customer with their favorite restaurants.

So there is an opening for DoorDash Dashers. You can earn money while driving the bike or cycles.

Doordash giving opportunities to make money anytime and anywhere you want. If you’re interested to join Doordash signup here. Download Doordash

8. Getaround

Getaround is an online car-sharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for cash.

It is an easy way to make money from home. You even don’t have to work too much here. You just have to install an app on your smartphone and track your car. That’s it!

Getaround is the best money making apps if you have your own car. To know more about this service or want to rent your car, then visit their site and download the apps. Download Getaround

9. Gigwalk

Whether you’re looking for a little spending money or want to earn extra cash, Gigwalk is here for you. Work when and where you want to – you can even start making money today.

So Gigwalk is another great app where you can do small work. Check out Gigwalk official website for more information. Download Gigwalk

10. Airbnb

Do you have any extra room or place at your home? If yes, then you can easily make passive income from Airbnb.

Earn money as an Airbnb host! List your extra rooms with all the rules and restrictions you set on Airbnb to host travelers and get paid!

Just install the app here and start earning from Airbnb.Download Airbnb

Best Money Making Apps For Surveys

11. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite platforms to earn money. I am still earning money here on a daily basis. Below is the screenshot of my account of Swagbucks.

Swagback dashboard money making apps

Actually Swagbucks offers a variety of ways to earn money such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, referring to others, and many more.

It is really very popular and the best platform you have some free time. You can easily able to make $5-$15 per day. When you complete tasks here you will get point in the form of SB.

Later on, you can redeem these SB points in different ways or you can directly deposit into your Paypal account.

Excited to join on Swagbucks? Signup here and get $10 Bonus Instantly.

12. Prizerebel

Prizerebel is a similar website like Swagbucks. It is also one of those money-making apps or website which help you to earn some cash. Here you also have to complete the easiest tasks.

Tasks are really very easy and here you will get sometimes higher-rated survey’s that can increase your income. You can also double your earning by referring this website to your friends and family members.

Use this referral link to Signup on Prizerebel and get 100 bonus points.

13. Surveyjunkie

Surveyjunkie is one of the very popular ways to earn money if you’re interested to fill data or like to give opinions. It is a legit and true platform where a lot of people make some extra bucks from just entering their opinions.

More than 4 million peoples come into this platform and use to make money by app spending his/her some extra time.

Making money from apps like Surveyjunkie gets easier to get some cash in your pocket. You should definitely consider survey apps for making attractive cash.

You can signup here and start giving your real opinions.

14. Inboxdollar

If you’re wasting your valuable time into that on which you will not get anything in return, then stop and start working on Inboxdollar. Inboxdollar is a fantastic way to invest your time and get paid.

It is an app where you will have to do a survey. The paid amount on Inboxdollar is really awesome. Inboxdollar is an authority platform and here you will get up to $1-$5 per survey.

So instead of wasting your time on streaming Netflix or other entertainment stuffs Signup on Inboxdollar and start working and get paid. You will also get a $5 bonus when you signup using of above links.

15. MobileXpressions

MobileXpression is also a completely legitimate company which is verified its identity by Network Solution.

It is a trusted market research community. Just install its software or app on your smartphone and keep your phone on and in coverage. You’ll earn an Amazon Gift Card after just 45 days!

16. Mypoints

It is another great money-making survey site or apps in the United States. You get paid here when you do shopping. Mypoints will give you points when you purchase something at your favorite stores.

When you start shopping at then you may get the latest promo codes and deals for thousands of stores.

Signup at Mypoints for free and get $10 as a Welcome Bonus.

17. Zen Surveys

ZenSurveys is an app where anyone can get access to 1000s of top quality surveys. The paid amounts are really very good. Zen Surveys are available worldwide and anyone can make money on this platform.

So if you’re looking for the highest paying surveys, then Zen Surveys might be the best fit for you.

Signup on Zen Surveys and start working immediately here.

18. Pinecone Research (For U.K only)

Pinecone Research is exclusive money making survey apps or websites and product testing platforms. You will earn points for every completed survey.

After completing surveys, redeem your points for cash or prizes; Learn about products before they hit the market.

If you would like to join Pinecone Research for free, you can signup here. The registration is completely free and makes money by reviewing the products or services by giving your opinions.

19. Panel PayDay Surveys

Panel PayDay is another survey platform in which you help you to make huge money in your spare time. Just make your own hours & earn money whenever you have the time.

This platform claim that you can earn up to $10 – $25 per survey. Therefore, if you like to work on the survey, then definitely you should try this.

Signup on Panel PayDay Survey from here!

20. SurveyTaken

SurveyTaken is another money-making apps for cash which helps you to fill your pocket by just giving your real opinions. Quality of surveys will be given to you.

Around $2 – $15 you will be paid for one survey. Just answer some questions about yourself and get paid the amount which you make here.

Signup here!

21. TimeBucks

What kind of things do you do on a daily basis? Watch videos, rant something about your hate, view memes and funny photos, share your opinion on the terrible movie you have just watch, take selfies, grow a beard, etc.

These are the things you probably do on a daily basis for free. What if you get paid to do all of these things?

Yes, here I am introducing Timebucks. It is a reward site that pays you with real cash, unlike other sites that are hard to use. So do Signup on Timebucks and get paid what you do on a daily basis.

Cash Back and Receipt Scanning Money Making App

22. Ibotta

Ibotta enables users with its smartphone app to earn cash back on in-store, mobile app, and online purchases with receipt submission, linked retailer loyalty accounts, payments, and/or purchase verification.

It is a very popular money making apps. You can get paid through various types of forms such as Paypal, Venmo, or gift cards. Download Ibotta App

23. Fetch Reward

Just snap a picture of your receipts and Fetch Reward will award you points on all participating products and special offers. It’s that easy.

Here are 3 main ways to earn points on Fetch Reward

  • Purchase Any Participating Product
  • Purchase a Special Offer Product
  • Refer a Friend or Family Member

Once you find a reward to redeem, simply tap the Get This Reward button and you’ll be sent your electronic gift. Download Fetch Reward App

24. Dosh

I really big fan of this app. Making money from this app is really very simple. Just link your credit or debit card and whenever you pay with your linked cards, Dosh will give you cashback.

When you pay with your linked cards at thousands of restaurants and stores, you will get up to 10% cash back at your Dosh wallet.

And the third option to make money from this app is by referring to your friends or family members. When you refer to someone and if they will signup and linked their verified cards you will get $5 at your wallet.

You can easily transfer your cash into your bank account or in Paypal account or you can also donate into charity from the app. Download Dosh App

25. ReceiptPal

It lets you earn valuable gift cards and cash prizes when you submit your receipt here. Use ReceiptPal to snap your paper receipts, or just connect your email id or Amazon account, and you’ll earn points for every receipt which you submit on ReceiptPal.

Making money on apps like ReceiptPal is very easy to collect your cashback after doing shopping.

Redemption is also very easy at ReceiptPal. You can easily redeem your points for gift cards from great retailers.Download ReceiptPal

26. Rakuten

Rakuten is a worldwide very popular app when it comes to the cashback app. Millions of people are using these money-making apps for getting cash for their purchases.

Start shopping at or the Rakuten app and find hundreds of stores, promo codes, or deals.

Follow RAKUTEN LINKS and start shopping. Cash Back will be added to your account when your order is reported to Rakuten.

Rakuten cashback money making apps

Every quarter, Rakuten will send your Cash Back in the form of a Big Fat Check or PayPal payment.

Join Rakuten For Free and Get $10 Bonus Today!

27. Receipt Hog

It is another fun, rewarding, and money-making apps to turn receipts from everyday shopping into cash – no matter where you shop or what you buy! Just take a picture of your receipt.

Win at the Hog Slots and take paid surveys. You can also win free shopping trips, and more! Redeem your prizes trade coins for Amazon Gift cards, magazines, or cash via your PayPal account. Download Receipt Hog

28. TopCashBack

A highly recommended platform if you want to save your money. It also gives you big cash on your purchase. Topcashback claims that it gives the highest cashback than other cashback sites. It has more than 11 million worldwide user base.

I also want to recommend this app if you really want cashback on your purchase. It is very simple to use as 1,2,3.

  • Browse Topcashback and choose from 1000s of retailers and exclusive cashback offers.
  • Click through to your favorite retailers and shop as usual as you do.
  • The retailer pays a commission to TopCashBack for your purchase and they add this as cashback to your earnings.

29. CoinOut

CoinOut is a no-brainer! It’s easy to use, fun and offers a variety of ways to put cash in your wallet.

Coinout cash back money making apps

Shop at Walmart, eBay, and other online e-commerce websites. Just start buying from the CoinOut app and get the merchant logo. You’ll get CoinOut’s fantastic cashback after completing the purchase automatically.

CoinOut also gives surprise bonuses to their users who upload receipts frequently and share with the community. Download CoinOut

30. Checkout51

CheckOut51 is another great site to get cashback. Your offer list updates every Thursday with new saving opportunities. So just add your attractive offers to your shopping list.

Now click on “Redeem” and check off the items you purchased on your receipt. This tells our system what to look for.

Now after making your selections, use the app’s built-in camera feature to take clear, readable photos of your receipt. As soon as your receipt gets approved, Checkout51 credit your account with Cashback. You can cash-out when your wallet reached to $20.Download Checkout51

Passive Income Money Making Apps

31. Nielsen

How do you feel when someone tells you that you can earn 50 dollars in a year’s free by simply installing an app on your phone without doing any work?

Sound interesting?

Yes, there is a company called Nielson that is providing free $50 if you keep their app on your device. The reason behind keeping the app is it collects statistics on your internet usage.

32. Acorns

Want to invest some of your money through the app? If yes, then here are money-making apps called Acorns which one of the best American financial technology and financial service companies.

If you’re a beginner in investing, then it will also helpful for you. It is a beginner-friendly investing app where you can start investing in using your phone.

33. Slidejoy

If you want to make $5 – $15 per month then Slidjoy would be another a great platform. Of course, it will not make you reach but at least this gives you some bucks which might be helpful for you.

So what is Slidejoy basically?

Slidejoy is a money-making app that shows ads on your smartphone lock screen. Don’t worry, all ads will be pleasant and it will not frustrate you. You can either swipe the ad which you don’t like or you can see it. The choice is yours.

The cash-out option is very simple. You can cash out your money through Paypal or can donate to charity.

34. Stash

It is another American financial technology and financial services company based in New York, NY. You can earn money through both the app or web platform.

In Stash, you can start investing in a very small amount of money. It is another great and trusted app if you want to invest some of your bucks.

Best Money Making Apps for Selling Stuff

35. Bookscouter

If you have any precious old books in your house in such a corner and you do not have time to read those books, then you can easily sell those books through just one app, called Bookscouter.

Here, along with selling the book, you can also rent your textbook as well. And with the help of these money-making apps, you can easily buy or sell any author’s book online.

36. OfferUp

People who belong to the U.S.A, they already know about this app. Because Offerup is a very popular and trusted platform to sell items. It is really a great way to earn some cash from an app.

OfferUp is the simplest, most trusted way to buy and sell any type of stuff locally. More than 15 million peoples from the United States are using this app to sell or buy something that they need.

37. Declutter

Here, you can easily sell all those things which are lying idle in your house. Declutter money-making apps mainly focus to take CDs, DVDs, and video games.

If you think that you can get a good price by selling those things, then you can easily sell it on Declutter. Declutter also offers you to earn some cash back when you go for grocery shopping.

38. Letgo

Letgo is another great company that is founded in 2015 where people who are living in the United States, can buy, sell, and chat with others locally. 

So if you have any second-hand stuff such as electronics, clothes, shoes, home decor, etc you can use the Letgo app. You can easily find those people who might need your item at a low price.

39. ThredUp

ThredUp is the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. Online consignment stores are the best places where anyone can sell their branded clothes at a reasonable price.

So ThredUp is one of them which help you to buy your old branded clothes. They have an app where you can start selling your used stuff.

40. Kidizen

Kidizen is your resale marketplace to buy, sell, and swap your kid’s clothing, gear, toys, decor, and more. This might be the best place because those have kids they must have old clothes, toys, gear, etc of their kids.

So if you need the money and searching for apps for cash, then Kidizen is another a great way to sell kids stuff. You can download the app from the official website of Kidizen.

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