How To Become Virtual Assistant [Step-by-Step Guide] Earn $100 Per Day

how to becom a visrtual assistant
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Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great option if you’re planning to start an online business or want to earn money. It is something that you can do from home, working for yourself, it pays pretty well and almost anyone can do it if they have at least basic knowledge of communication and organizational skills.

In this article, I will explain the step-by-step guide that how you can become a successful Virtual Assistant in a few days. I will share with you exactly what you have to do to start VA services online.

Now, let’s first discuss some question that has in some people mind.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who helps an online business manage their everyday tasks just like a personal assistant. A personal assistant helps business owners manage their several tasks. But a virtual assistant will do these tasks online and a personal assistant does offline at the office.

That’s the big difference between a virtual assistant and a personal assistant.

Why Companies Need a Virtual Assistant?

Many company owners don’t have enough time and energy to do everything they want or need to do. They don’t have time to work on email, social media, Google Adwords, blogs, making and editing videos, podcasts, bookkeeping and accounting, and all these different things.

That’s why they need a virtual assistant to help with some of the things that they need to do. Somebody else can do for them so that they can focus on time to growing their business and enjoying themselves.

Why You Should Become A Virtual Assistant?

Well, it is freaky easy to do. It is a lot easier than other work such as SEO, writing work, social media marketing work, etc. The main reason for this is you can work from home in your spare time. You don’t have to go to any offices or workplaces.

A VA can complete their work as soon as possible and can start doing other work as well. Every business needs a virtual assistant for its growth. Nowadays, this online career becomes trends in many countries and a lot of companies are hiring for this job.

What Skills Required to Become a VA?

In this, basic computer skills like email, office applications, research, basic communication skill, etc. will be required. It is important because different kinds of clients may give you different kinds of work.

Generally speaking, these simple skills are must in this career

  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Good communication skills
  • Sometimes it requires motivation to keep working

Who Should Become a Virtual Assistant?

Those that are new to freelancing and don’t have any strong skillsets yet. Those that want an easy, well-paying online job. We highly recommend starting with this job because it is easy to get into rather than starting something hard.

Where You Can Find Job?

There are so many websites on the internet where you can get this job. But on those sites, it will take you some time to give you a job. But, I am sharing you a fantastic and super website called where you can do Virtual Assistant jobs from just sitting at your home. Clients pay an awesome amount to the worker of this site.

The other sites where you can get the job


How To Become a Virtual Assistant in 7 Steps

1. Identify Your Current Skills That You Have

If you’re thinking to do work in it, then you already must have some skills. If you really can’t identify your skills or knowledge, then first you should have to work on this. This is not a difficult task and also for this job you don’t require any top skill to do this job.

Now if identify your all skills, just make a list and if any missing or you don’t know then learn immediately from the other sources.

2. Learn some other Skills

Now you know what skills you already have. You can write the blog post, you can write and send the emails but perhaps you don’t know how to manage people’s calendars. So you need to do some research in order to provide the best service to your clients.

Even if you have the most minimal skills, you still charge at least $10/h but if you learn some additional skills that can increase the value of potential clients and allows you raise your rate around $20-$25/h.

3. Make Packages and Pricing of Your Services

The meaning of this is you just gonna make a list of the services that you provide and a certain number of hours of your services and give them a price. For example, you might say 10 hours of Virtual Assistant services for a month and list the different skills that you would include in that package and price them like $100 or $200.

Below an image example can give you the idea of different packages and their pricing.

Virtual assistant package and pricing
Image Credit:

I want you to recommend that create 2 or 3 different packages such as you can create one for a minimum number of hours and others create for more hours. Typically, the smallest number of hours is the highest hourly rate. If someone wants to purchase more hours of your services every month, then you might get a little bit of a discount on the hourly rate.

Creating this package for your services will make you seem much more professional and make it easy for the client to understand how can they work with you.

4. Create a Simple Website

This doesn’t need to be more elaborate. Creating a website is a freaky very easy process in today’s time. You just need a page that tells you a little about you and your background, a page that has written about your packages and the prices of your services. A page that has your contact information so that potential clients can get in contact with you.

Grab from here for best virtual assistant website template

5. Start Connecting With People

Facebook groups provide a great way to connect with online entrepreneurs who have growing businesses. You will find a lot of groups where entrepreneurs discuss their problems and solutions. You can connect with those entrepreneurs and offer them a solution by offering your Virtual Assistant services.

6. Offer Free Work Hours To Attract Clients

Yes, I know some people are wondering why I am saying it to you. There is one secret behind this. So what it is mean that when you offer some free work hours to your clients, they will get excited to work with you because everyone’s like free things.

After offering free hours work of VA, you can ask them for feedback and referrals. I am pretty sure that they’ll refer you to somebody if you have done his work nicely. So the main reason for offering free work hours is to get quick clients.

Initially when you do this, then you will get experience, testimonials, and referrals.

7. Get Paying Clients

Of course, this is an ongoing process but you have started new as a Virtual Assistant. So, initially getting first paying clients is the most difficult task to find. I am going to put some sources where you can get your first paying clients.

  • Head Over to Freelancer Websites: Sites like,, are a great platform to get your first paying clients. Create your profile as a Virtual Assistant, list your different skills, upload your resume, put your nice profile picture, and then start looking for a job offer of VA.
  • Tell everyone what you’ve up to: I know for somebody it can be awkward, but if you don’t tell people that you’re offering virtual assistant services, then how you could aspect that people hire you. So the easiest way to do this is by sending an email to everyone that you know.
  • Ask for referrals: If you have so many friends or if you connected with a lot of people, then this method can be best for you. So start making referrals with people that you’re connected with. Share your VA services with them and tell them that you have started a service of VA and if you have any referrals that required VA services then please refer to me.

Of course, you can’t take more time to do this. I am encouraging you to start completing these steps as soon as possible. This is the right time to start your career in Virtual Vistatant. Follow the above 7 steps and I am sure that you will definitely become a successful Virtual Assistant in a few days.

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