Goat Farming Business: Earn 2 Lakh Per Month

Goat farming business
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If you live in the village side and you are sitting unemployed at home, then today we are going to tell about a great business. You will not believe it, but by doing this business, you can earn 2 lakhs or more every month very easily.

If you have lost your job due to Corona pandemic, then this business can prove to be the best for you. And if you want to start a business living in villages, then it can prove to be even better for you.

I’m talking about the business of goat farming. Goat rearing business plan is a very profitable business and people in India are earning huge amounts from goat rearing business.

You Can Start Goat Rearing Business From Your Home

One of the best things about this business is that you can start it from your village or home with minimal investment. Also, to start this business, you do not even need to be very educated or have a degree.

You can start this business from home. Let us tell that at present it is considered a commercial business, which contributes a lot to the economy and nutrition of a country.  Goat Farm is the backbone of the rural economy. There are many benefits of milk, manure etc. from goat rearing.

Government Will Give Subsidy up to 90%

In our country, especially the people living in the village do not start any business because they think that we have to invest all the money on our own. But this used to happen earlier.  Now the Government of India is giving you a lot of financial assistance to start your own business.

Thousands of Indians are starting their own business with the help of the Government of India. So if you really want to start your own business in less money investment then Government of India assistance will be very beneficial for you.

Let us inform you that in order to promote animal husbandry in rural areas and adopt self-employment, the Haryana government is giving subsidy of up to 90 percent to the cattle owners. At the same time, other state governments also give subsidies. The Government of India gives subsidies up to 35% on animal husbandry.  Even if you do not have money to start goat farming, you can take a loan from banks. NABARD is available to give you a loan for goat farming.

How Much Money You need To Start This Business

As I told you earlier, for this business you do not need to be very educated nor do you need any big degree.To start this you must have information about location, feed, fresh water, number of labor required, veterinary assistance, market potential and export potential.  

Let us tell you that from goat’s milk to meat, there is a big earning.  Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for goat milk in the market. At the same time, its meat is one of the best meat whose domestic demand is very high. This is not a new business and this process is going on since ancient times.

How Much You Can Earn

Goat farming business is a very profitable business. According to a report, an average income of Rs 2,16,000 can be earned on 18 to 20 female goats. At the same time, an average of Rs 1,98,000 can be earned from the male version.

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