25 Most Popular Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2020

25 Most Popular Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2020

In this blog post, I am going to list 25 best free movie streaming sites that help you to watch your favorite movies. All the websites are free, and you will not require any credit card for watching those movies.

So scroll down and check out these 25 free movie streaming sites for your entertainment. If you found these lists are useful then must share with others.

1. Solarmovie

Solarmovie free movie streaming sites option

Solarmovie is the first website that I like to introduce for the free movie streaming site for 2020. First of all, I want to tell you that Solarmovie is completely free and you don’t have to pay monthly subscription or charges.

Solarmovie provides high-quality video content to its user. They have a very large number of movies and tv shows database. Even, they don’t use any pop-up ads and no annoying ads.

By the way, I want to tell you something that is an illegal website that promote pirated content. So, if you’re looking for some best free movie streaming sites this year, then Solarmovie is my first recommendation to you.

2. Fmovies


Fmovies and Solarmovie both sites are similar to each other. You can also consider mirror sites of those two websites to each other. So, if you’re looking at the same website as Solarmovie, then Fmovies is the option.

If you’re finding free movie streaming sites, then Fmovies provide all its content for free. Here, you can watch Hollywood movies and Web Series in high definition from different countries like USA, UK, and India.

3. 123movie


If you are looking for a website that offers you an excellent user experience with a great look, then the best option is 123movies. 123movies is a site where you can stream movies with high-quality as well as the incredible search feature.

You can also watch movies with different categories. 123movies provide access to stream movies as well as web series also. So, if you’re finding free movie streaming sites, then 123movies is another a great site to watch online videos.

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4. Putlocker

Putlocker free movie streaming sites

There is no doubt that Putloker is the world’s most famous website, in the case of online movies and web series. This website also has a lot of Mirror sites that provide you with free streaming services for movies.

In Putlocker, millions of users are coming for streaming movies online. It has an excellent fast movie streaming server. Putlocker has huge movies and web series content database.

So, if you want to enjoy free movie streaming sites, then Putlocker will not disappoint you. Go to this site and enjoy watching your favorite movies here.

5. M4ufree


M4ufree is another well-known website for providing the best quality video content to its users. This site has excellent features and interface design which attracts the visitors who come here.

In the M4ufree website, you can watch movies as well as tv shows videos. In the menu section, you can filter video content by visiting the different genres, and you can also filter videos by the movie release years.

So, for free movie streaming sites, M4ufree is also a good option for watching online movies and tv series for free of cost.

6. Rainierland


Rainerland is a website where you can watch any type of video content within a few clicks. Here you can enjoy movies as well as tv-series and its tv episodes for free. You don’t have to register here, and also you don’t have to spend subscription charges.

Rainerland upload very latest movies content to their websites. In some cases, when you try to play any video, a blocking notification will show you. So if you want to see those types of videos, you have to use some VPN services for streaming those movies content.

Rainerland is a leading platform for free movie streaming sites. This site contains a massive amount of movies and tv series videos. So Rainerland is another the best site for streaming movies online.

7. YesMovie

Yesmovies free movie streaming sites option

Yesmovies is quite similar to the Fmovies and Solarmovie website. You can enjoy watching movies here which are requested by other users. This site also has a massive amount of video content database. So you don’t have to worried about the availability of films.

If you like to see movies according to the rating of IMDb, then you can watch here by clicking over the Top IMDb menu section. Both movies and Tv series are listed here. Therefore, if you’re interested in watching free movies and tv series on the same platform, then Yesmovies will be a good option for you.

So, again Yesmovies is a great free movie streaming sites which lets you watch the latest videos content on their website.

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8. Yify Tv

Yify tv

Yify tv is known for its excellent search functionality. You can search any video by the clicking of any alphabetical order. It has a fantastic interface design and navigation system too.

You can stream free movies with different genres and also with releasing years. In the menu section, there is tv series, movies, trending videos, rating section are available. Yify tv has a high-speed streaming server, and you will not face any buffering problem.

So, if you’re looking for free movie streaming sites, Yify tv is another the best platform for that.

9. GoStream

Gostream Movie Streaming sites

Gostream is a website where you can stream online Hollywood movies with different genres like Animation, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Comedy, etc.

When you click on the thumbnail of any movie, a short detail of that movie like releasing year, genres, IMDb rating will be shown.

I have tested so many streaming servers, but the Gostream is the site which has an excellent and fast streaming server ever. Therefore, Go stream is another a best free movie streaming sites which allow you to access so many latest Hollywood video contents.

10. SeeHD


This site is suitable for adults. This is another one of the most popular websites in the USA, UK, and Canada because this site provides excellent services including Hollywood movies and Porn videos.

It has a vast amount of video content. So you don’t have to worry about the lack of video content. SeeHD site also uploads new and latest released movies. So if you’ve come here to watch new films, then it would be a great option for you.

If I talk about its features and services, then I think SeeHD have fantastic search functionality as compared to others.

11. MovieWatcher


Moviewatcher has a clean and elegant interface where you have access to unlimited movies videos through the different servers. If you visit this site, I am sure that you’ll not disappoint by its features, design, and quality of content.

When you play any video on this website, they give us three streaming server. If you want to watch movies with a high-quality server, then you have to register yourself here. But another two servers will provide you for free.

So Moviewatcher is again great free movie streaming sites that provide so many features like other websites.

12. IOmovie


IOmovie is a free movie streaming site in which most of the visitors come from the United States and the United Kingdom. Now you have understood that this site is quite famous for Hollywood movies.

Iomovies allow you to stream Tv series videos and the latest released movies. I tested the streaming server of this and found an excellent and fast server. In a few clicks, you will be able to watch your favorite movies and web series here.

So, IOmovie is another best free movie streaming sites where you can watch the most rated and the greatest movie for free of cost.

13. Tubi Tv

Tubitv free movie streaming sites

Tubi Tv is an excellent and free streaming service that allows us to access more than 12,000 titles of movies and tv series. This website is one of the most famous in the United States. If you’re looking for a free Netflix alternative, then I highly recommend you use Tubi Tv.

I also use Tubi tv for watching my favorite Hollywood movies and Tv shows. The most important thing I like on this website is its excellent interface design and ease of use. The search functionality and its navigation system are great to use.

You can enjoy a lot of its entertainment content through its app. Yes, they have a free app for iOS and Android device users. You can enjoy free movie content by downloading its app.

14. Cmovies


Cmovies is another a good option if you’re looking for free movie streaming sites. This site provides different features so that you can access and watch free movies of different genres and releasing year. You can also enjoy watching Tv shows here.

But personally, I don’t like its video quality. I watched a lot of videos here, but I didn’t satisfy with its content quality. But its navigation system is awesome, and site design is also awesome.

15. Vexmovies


Vexmovies is a well-known website for streaming Hollywood movies and Tv shows. This website is the best fit for free movie streaming sites because all the video content is free. You don’t need to register yourself to watch any movies.

In India, the Vexmovies site is banned, but in other countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada you can access and watch your favorite movies without facing any problems.

On this website, before playing any video, you’ll get a short synopsis of that video when you keeps your mouse cursor on the thumbnail. This is an important feature of this site. You can also choose the quality of movies with the ease of your internet speed. So, I think because of these exciting features, this would be the perfect place for many movie lovers.

16. Bmovies

Bmovies free movie streaming sites

Bmovies can also be called a mirror site of fmovies and Solarmovie. This site looks similar to above both websites. But according to my opinion, when you play any video, the quality of the video is not so good.

But if you come here to streaming the latest released movies, then Bmovies can help you with that. Yes, bmovies.coud leaked the latest released movies for their viewers.

17. WorldTv24


People always like those websites that provide more excellent services that attract audiences. Due to this, WorldTv24 is a platform where you can enjoy movies, sports, and tv shows under one roof with lots of unique features.

Yes, if you’re an entertainment freaky then, believe me, Worldtv24 can be the best platform for you. This site allows you to access sports video content as well as movies and tv series.

The quality of content is also excellent, and you don’t have to register here for streaming any of the video content.

18. PutlockerHD.cc

Putlockerhd free movie streaming sites

PutlockerHD is another a best and free movie streaming site that allows you to watch the latest movies and tv shows for free. Here you can find IMDb rating categories movies, news, and different genre films.

PutlockerHD provides you excellent filtering feature in which you can filter the content of your favorite video. They’ve Filtering Features like most favorite and most viewed.

You may have come to know from the name of this website that this website is a mirror website of Putloker which is offering good video content to the people. So this could be one of the great and free movies streaming sites for you.

19. Putlocker.kz


Putlocker.kz is also a mirror site of Putlocker. This site provides the same features and services as PutlockerHD. So this is another excellent option of free movie streaming website.

Here you can enjoy the latest Hollywood movies and tv shows for free. When you click on the thumbnail of any video content, you will get a short synopsis of those videos.

I also come here for streaming my favorite movies, and I like it’s an extremely fast streaming server of this website. So if you’re looking for free movie streaming sites in the U.S, then visit Putlocker.kz now.

20. KatmovieHD

katmoviehd home page

As an Indian user, I like both sites KatmovieHD and Moviesbaba for streaming and downloading any movie video content. KatmovieHD provides us with high-quality video content to stream movies and tv shows.

In KatmovieHD site, you can stream videos like Hollywood, Bollywood, 18+ movies, and web series. If you want to come here for the latest released movie and web series, then this is the best platform for that.

So KatmovieHD can be an excellent option for free movie streaming sites. Moviesbaba and KatmovieHD are both excellent Indian websites that provide outstanding features and streaming services.

21. Moviesbaba

moviesbaba free movie streaming sites

Moviesbaba is a similar website like KatmovieHD and it is for Indian and neighboring countries. In Moviesbaba, you can stream video content like Hollywood dubbed movies, Bollywood movies, and tv series.

Moviesbaba provides excellent features and streaming services to its user. I also use Moviesbaba and KatmovieHD for watching free Indian movies and web series. You can also download movies and web series in high resolution.

22. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a very famous website in the USA and UK. This website provides incredible movie content to its users. It has massive traffic from countries like America and the United Kingdom.

If you want to stream Hollywood movies and tv shows, then Popcornflix can be a suitable site for you. All the video content are full of High-quality and ad-free. Popcornflix allows you to stream movies from different genres and locations.

So Popcornflix is another great free movie streaming legal website that provides you with free video content without any subscription charges. You don’t have to add here your credit card. All the services are free of cost.

23. Openloadfreetv

Openloadfreetv free movie streaming sites

I like its search filter features. Openloadfreetv provides us with an excellent feature called systematic search. In Openloadfreetv, you can search for any movie by the alphabetical order.

Openloadfreetv has a massive video content database. So if you want to search for any video you’ll not get any problem of availability. This website allows its user to watch online movies as well as tv series for free.

So again, Openloadfreetv is the best free movie streaming sites where you can find your favorite leaked films here.

24. Streamlikers


Streamlikers look like the Solarmovie website. This site has a beautiful design and a clean interface. Here, you’ll not see any pop-ads or any annoying ads. That’s the reason this site getting very popular among every movie freak.

All video content like movies and web series are free of cost, and you don’t have to register here. In a few clicks, your favorite movies will be available in front of you. So, if you’re looking for free movie streaming sites, then Streamlikers is also a great option.

25. GoMoviesHub

Gomovieshub free movie streaming sites

GomoviesHD is very similar to 123movies and Gomovies. The video contents are very high-quality. I used this website so many times for watching several leaked movies.

When you visit this website, you may find some pop-ads or annoying ads. So before going to visit this website, please use any adblocker service. GomoviesHD is a free movie streaming sites, and you don’t have to pay any money for watching videos here.

Are All Above Free Movie Streaming Websites are Virus-Free?

This is uncertain question and we can’t give a definite answer. But let me tell you that out of above 25 sites, some are legal and some are illegal. So most of illegal websites may contain viruses.

So According to me, there two secure way to get rid of virus website. First is use VPN services because when you enable it, a Virtual Private Network gives you the freedom to browse the software without the fear of getting caught by the officials or cyber branch.

The second option is to use Adblocker extension or software on your device. There are many free and paid Adblocker on the internet that save you from the viruses.


This free movie streaming sites list contain some illegal and legal website. So, if you do not know, then let me tell you a thing that it is against the law of the government to see, download, or promote any kind of content from the illegal website.

By doing this, the government can take action against you. Therefore, you are requested to use only those websites which are legal.

We are sharing this list with you for only educational and informational purposes. Studentjankari.com never promotes any pirated content in any manner. If any action is taken against you from the government for using the illegal website, then the Studentjankari.com will not be responsible for it.