Earn Money As a Kid: 20 Legitimate Ways to [Make $100+/Month]

earn money as a kid
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Making money in today’s day has become very easy if you want from the heart. If you are thinking that I need the money and you are determined to earn money, then you get a lot of resources. But here, I am talking about how you can earn money as a kid.

So, if you want to make money as a kid and want to earn some bucks in a few days, then I want to tell you that there are lots of sources around where you can easily make a decent amount. It only needs to highlight those ideas.

Therefore, in this post, I am going to list those business or money-making ideas that help you to fill your pocket. These all are legitimate and proven tactics that help you get some money.

1. Do the Housework

This would be the easiest way to earn some money for a kid. Ask your parents at home whether there is any work in the house in which you can help them. I sincerely hope that they will tell you something that you can do and charge them by estimating hard work and time in doing that work.

I am sure that when you lovingly charge your parents for any work, they will not refuse you. You can also use this trick at your neighbor’s houses and charge them by doing simple household work.

2. Take Simple Survey Online

Giving an online survey is a very popular way to earn money no matter if you’re a kid. It is really very simple to do it. In survey sites, you have to give your feedback or opinion about different products and services and in return, you will be paid.

These are the top 4 Best Survey Sites

  1. SurveyJunkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Takesurveyforcash
  4. Mypoints

To earn more, you need to give your opinion in more survey platforms. So above 4 sites surely best for you to earn some bucks.

3. Sell Baked Goods

Selling baked goods like cookies and cupcakes is a great start but always ask your parents for help in the kitchen to avoid injuries and accidents you might sell cookies individually or bundle them for a lower price. You can even pair them with your lemonade or hot cocoa.

Give your business a professional look while attracting more customers by putting your baked goods in colorful and cute packages. A product’s packaging is often just as important as what’s inside.

4. Earn For Caring Pets

Caring pets is really a very enjoyable as well as interesting work. I think children take care of their pets very well. And Pets also lives quite well with children. In the United States, more than 85 million families own a pet according to APPA(American Pet Products Association).

Therefore caring for pets would be the best work for the kids. When kids knock a door and ask a family to walk their dogs, then I am sure that they will not deny it. They can easily pay $5 or $10 each time.

This could be the cutest and interesting way to earn money as a kid.

5. Do Babysit or Become Mom’s Helper

You will find many moms in your neighborhood who want someone that can entertain their child or help them in their work. To do this, women also give you daily payment.

Therefore, this work can prove very beneficial for teenagers. You do not have to take any kind of training on it. Just entertain, take care, and help mom’s in their work. Believe me, you will get the awesome amount as if you’re a kid.

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6. Start Car Cleaning Service

Although most adults do this work, many kids can earn a lot of money by doing this work. This is a great opportunity to earn money as a kid if you don’t think that it is a small job. In the United States, almost everyone owns a car. So maybe they need a car cleaner and in such a situation, you can offer this great service to those car owners to wash their cars.

Ask the car owners in your neighborhood if they need car cleaners. I am sure that those people cannot refuse the offer of this wonderful and courageous work of a small child.

Also, I’m pretty sure that they will give an awesome amount for his/her car cleaning service.

7. Sell Homemade Crafts

Do you have a knack for crafts, then turn your creative hobby into a profitable business. Make and sell products like beaded jewelry, wind chimes from old keys, bookmarks, and garden decorations to name a few.

Take advantage of the occasion as well. You can create colorful paper flowers and greeting cards around Valentine’s Day. For instance, the possibilities are endless in this type of business as long as you’ve got your unlimited supply of imagination.

Use websites like Artfire, Bonanza, Etsy for selling your homemade crafts.

8. Do Garden Mowing

Before offering this type of service make sure you can handle a lawnmower on your own. Ask your neighbors if they need to clean their lawns. I am sure you will find someone who needs to help in cleaning their lawn. Just don’t go all willy-nilly with the mower right away. It’s not as simple as running the grass cutter however and wherever you want.

First, you have to ask how they prefer their lawns to be cleaned up. You have to check which area is needed to clean up and which should be strictly avoided.

I think this job quit to be difficult for the kids but the earning opportunity is huge.

9. Do The Work of Cutting Leaves

Besides Mowing lawns, another yard cleaning service you can offer work of cutting leaves. Most of the people don’t like this work. So this can be your perfect opportunity to swoop in. Plus, it often goes hand in hand with mowing.

So consider selling your services in a bundle. You can get a lot more cash if you offer to cut leaves and removes the leaves before you maw the lawn.

10. Start Making Smartphone Games

No coding experience? No problem, it’s now possible to create mobile apps or games even if you don’t have any computer programming knowledge. There is a lot of websites that help you to build a smartphone app such as Stencyl, Andromo, QuickAppNinja.

Whether you consider yourself a flat-out gamer or you just like to play them from time to time. Figure out which aspects of your favorite games don’t appeal to you. Once you know what they lack, you can create even better versions of those games.

11. Start Your Own Teaching Service

One of the best option to earn money as a kid. Do you excel in a particular subject like math or foreign languages? Are you really good at a musical instrument? Use this to your advantage by teaching other kids in exchange for a fee.

Just make sure you can balance school and work. Plus, you’ve got to get consent from their parents before you start tutoring someone. You also need to get approval from your parents so that they know what you’re up to.

Your safety and welfare are their number one priority.

12. Start a Youtube Channel

Have you ever checked Ryan’s Toys Review Youtube channel before? It is a very famous YouTube channel that uploads videos of toy reviews. You probably won’t believe this is a young kid’s YouTube channel and its last year’s income was over $ 22 million.

Ryan's Toy Review Youtube channel information. How Ryan earn money as a kid through Youtube

Check out Ryan’s Toys Review YouTube channel here for motivation. So the reason behind telling me this example is that you too can earn a lot of money by starting a similar YouTube channel. It is not necessary that you start a channel of toys. If you want, you can make videos related to the area in which you have information.

13. Deliver Newspaper

If you like to get up early in the morning then this opportunity can prove to be very beneficial for you. Also, sometimes it can be difficult for some kids because it is the work of the early morning. You have to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. You have to prepare the paper first.

Follow these steps to start delivery of the newspaper

  • Find the number for the Circulation Department.
  • Know about newspaper delivery routes to the Circulation Department.
  • Clear all your questions through the department.
  • If required, then try to attend any training sessions.

14. Recycle Items

This could be an easy way to earn money as a kid. Recycle something is very beneficial for our environment and it does not harm anymore. Therefore, a good money-making business can prove to be a recycle item.

These are the items that can be easily recycled if you don’t have any idea about it.

  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Electronics
  • Computers and accessories
  • Textiles
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Cardboard

Collect those above items and recycle them. I am sure that you can make awesome money from this business.

15. Sell Your Stuff To Kids Consignment Stores

In case you’re not sure enough in your negotiating and selling aptitudes head to your nearest consignment store or thrift shop and let them act on your behalf. Of course, you need to be accompanied by your parents or an adult when you go to these places. The items you want to sell must be in good condition.

I have written a detailed article that lists 14 best online and offline consignment stores where you can sell your stuff.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you buy second-hand clothes with stains, holes or missing buttons? The quality is far more important than quantity.

16. Do Photography

This is a hobby that is liked by everyone. But you can turn your photography hobby into a money-making business. Yes, you get many websites online where if you upload a beautiful photo, you are paid in return.

You may just need a decent camera. If you want to buy a camera that is perfect for photography, then I want to recommend you to buy this DSLR camera.

Now the question arises that where to upload those pictures which you will get paid. So there a lot of sites where you will be paid but websites like iStock, Shutterstock, The Sun Magazine can pay you an awesome amount.

17. Start Lemonade Stand

You can definitely count on the classics but you can also spruce them up a little sure. Super cold lemonade is extraordinary in the late spring yet changes it to hot cocoa when fall and winter move around. Set the prices according to you and don’t forget to keep your money in safe places.

Kids earn money through lemonade stand

Be careful where you set up your lemonade stand. Don’t put on private property or else you could be punished for trespassing. Don’t sell in places where you have to pay for a business permit either.

18. Start a Website

Nowadays, starting a website is freaky easy. Even a little kid can start a website and earn money by putting ads or selling products. No need to know the skills of coding and designing. If you don’t know then go to youtube and check out some videos about how to start a website in just a few minutes.

Starting a website is really very beneficial for any age group. Having a website or blog is allow you to share your knowledge that you have. You can monetize your website or blog through different ad networks such as Google AdSense or Media.net.

If you want to know more about the benefit of having a website or blog, then I recommend you to read this post.

19. Have a Garage Sale

Convert your books, toys, garments, or different things you never again use into cash rather than inefficiently discarding them. Since you probably don’t know the original price of each item. So ask your parents if they can remember how much they gave for it. You can then set honest prices depending on the overall condition.

Advertise first before you open your yard sale. Giveaway flyers and stick posters up around your neighborhood letting people in on all the details.

20. Design T-shirt and Sell It

This is one of the trending business for both adults and kids. If you have awesome creativity, then designing a t-shirt can be a beneficial business for you. I personally agree with this business because it develops our thinking skills.

So as a kid, designing a t-shirt and giving it a unique look makes them more intelligent. If you’re a parent and reading this post, then I would like to recommend you to allow your kids to start this business.

Start T-shirt printing business from sites like Redbubble and Cafepress.

What Should You Do Before Going To Earn Money As a Kid

  1. Before starting any work or business, first, take permission to your parents.
  2. If you are selling something then never set the unfair price of your items. Always be reasonable with your product rates.
  3. Always start a business or work with people that you trust most like your family members.
  4. If you think that you can’t do this job or work, don’t go ahead in that field. Determine your own skills and talent.
  5. To advertise your product and services.
  6. Never work with strangers.
  7. Don’t be rude and or impolite to your customers. Always smile and say thank you even if they didn’t buy anything.
  8. Do impress your customers with your honesty and diligence.
  9. If you need help, then ask your friends and family members.
  10. Don’t go to dangerous neighborhoods or places to offer your product and services. You should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  11. Do ask for your school’s permission if you’re planning to sell there.
  12. Don’t do anything that will endanger or harm yourself or others.
  13. Do save your hard-earned money.
  14. And last but not least that you’re still a kid. Don’t forget to enjoy your childhood to the fullest.

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