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As you know music is a very important way for the life of mankind to keep himself entertained. But nowadays you get to listen to the songs on a particular platform even more only when online. Most of these types of applications do not provide you the facility to download music.

Internet provides us with a lot of freebies and one of them is music. Yes, you can download as much music as you like on your mobile and save them for offline listening. There are plenty of website on the internet that allows you to download musics without spending any penny.

Below, we’re going to list some popular and legal website that allows you to listen to music as well as download them on your device. All these platforms are independently well researched and tested by the Studentjankari.com team.

So let’s start with the first website.

1. SoundCloud

To start downloading music or songs from SoundCloud, you need to first sign up or create an account. At the time of creating your SoundCloud account, you will be asked to select your favorite music Genres.

Here you have to pay attention to one thing that you can stream any tracks for free online but only some are allowed to download.

Features of SoundCloud Music

  1. SoundCloud gives you a preview of music online and downloading options. 
  1. You can find downloadable music at SoundCloud by simply typing in “download” in the search bar at the top of the page to see all of the available free music downloads.
  1. SoundCloud provides you top-rated featured playlists for several music genres including hip-hop & rap, R&B, new music, etc. 
  1. For mobile users, SoundCloud has Android and iOS applications in respective app stores. 

How to Download Music from SoundCloud

  • Visit the official website of Soundcloud and create a free account first.
  • Find the free music if you find a song you like below the track click on more and with any luck you’ll see the download file button. If the download button is not available then that song is not available to be downloaded.
  • Also on selected tracks keep an eye out for the free download button to the right of more and these will redirect you to a third-party site to get the free track.

Note: You will not able to download any music from Soundcloud unless you create an account here.

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2. Jamendo

Jamendo is a website that offers free music downloads and streaming. You can discover and explore 600000+ free songs from 40000+ independent artists from all around the world.

All songs or music that are uploaded at Jamendo are protected by license of creative commons which means anyone can safely download their favorite music offered on the site.

How to download songs or music from Jamendo

  • Visit the official website of Jamendo and search by “Best of” or by “Genre”.
  • Now to the right of each song, you’ll see a download button.
  • When you select it, you’ll be taken to the screen where you have the choice to download that song for free for personal use, or if available you can get a license to use it for your commercial projects.

3. Free Music Archive

Next is “Free Music Archive” which is founded by New Jersey-based radio station WFMU in 2009 and has since partnered with more than a dozen other curators offering a ton of free content.

How to Download Free Music in “Free Music Archive”

  • Visit the official website of Free Music Archive and click on the upper right side button “Search FMA”.
  • Now head over to the main menu section and click on Genre.
  • Select your favorite genre and after that, you’ll see the subcategories of each genre. To the right of each song listed is where you’ll find the download button.

4. Noisetrade

Noisetrade from paste magazine is a fantastic website if you want to download a complete album or individual tracks for free. In exchange to download the free tracks, you will need to sign up or sign in with your email or social media accounts.

Also, if you like what you hear want to support that artist you can click the tip the artist button.

5. Last.fm

For you old-timers out there last night FM is one your probably familiar with. It’s been around since 2002. Their music recommendation system builds a detailed profile for each individual user based on their musical tastes by recording details of the tracks they listen to.

What many users are not aware of is that they can also download songs for free. Now let’s see how you can download songs or music from last.fm.

How to download a song from last.fm

  • Visit the official website of last.fm and go to the bottom of the page and goodies.
  • Now select free music downloads.
  • The downside is that there are no sort or filter options but if you’ve got the time there are 12 pages worth of music for you to check out to add to your collection.

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6. Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

If you go to their audio section with more than 10 million free files, you’ll find music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other cool stuff. It’s not well organized but you can filter the results along the left. When you find something you want to download, scroll down, and on the right and download options, you’ll find formats. Now expand it out and click the download button next to the song. This will open a new page where you get to see 3 dots and select download to save it to your computer or device.

7. Soundclick

Soundclick is a top contender you should consider with millions of tunes in their library. All music is uploaded by the artists themselves covering a wide range of musical genres.

How to download songs from Soundclick

First, visit the official website of Soundclick and from the drop-down menu, you can change the musical category and another that will let you select a subcategory or the genre you selected. If the song is available for download, you’ll see the download icon to the right of the song.

8. Musopen.org

If classical music is your thing then Musopen has an amazing collection of compositions without any copyright restrictions. Every selection on their site is available to stream or download for free.

To change things up on this site, you’ll find the download icons to the left of the songs. If you’re musically inclined use open also hosts more than 100,000 classical sheet music files which are also free to download.

9. Google Play Store (Music)

On the Google Play Store, you can also score some legal music to download for free.

How to download music from Google Play Store

  • First, visit the Google Play Store and on the left, go to music.
  • Now in the search box, type “free music”.
  • These will be listed in three categories such as songs, artists, and albums.
  • The selection here will vary by region and you must have an active payment mode connected to your Google account to get the free music.

10. ReverbNation

Reverbnation is founded in 2006 and it has primary focuses on the independent music industry. This music streaming website has helped to launch the career of many well-known artists such as Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes, and Kacey Musgraves. If you want to discover more songs then you can do it through the website’s Discover section.

How to download songs from Reverbnation

  • Visit the official website of Reverbnation and head over to the search page.
  • On the left-hand side, check the box next to “Free MP3s Required” and click “Refine Results.
  • All free song names would be listed on the right side.
  • Now click on any one of your favorite song.
  • After that, a new page will open where you will be able to see a small download button.

11. Audiomack

Audiomack is a great alternative website for SoundCloud. It has a really awesome and user-friendly interface which make it one of the important reason behind its popularity among the music lovers. Audiomack is a great place for artists, labels, and music lovers to discover fantastic music.

One thing you need to notice here while searching for downloadable music is that not all songs are free. But yes, you can find many artists that provide their tracks and remixed music for free downloading option. It is similar to SoundCloud so that you can stream an unlimited number of songs online here.

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