The Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps for 2021

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Weight loss motivation is very important if you’re trying to lose weight and you don’t want to fail, which means you need to do everything in your power to stay motivated. There are a few scientifically-proven tricks that can help keep you motivated, such as:

  • Regularly seeking more inspiration
  • Creating habits to protect you when your willpower falters.
  • Tracking your progress.
  • Allowing yourself small rewards to celebrate.

Fortunately for you, clever techy people around the world have created apps to help you. Here are 10 weight loss motivation apps that you might want to look at.

Top 10 Amazing Apps That Give You Weight Loss Motivation

1. Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep

Fabulous is a science-based weight loss motivation app designed to motivate you using behavioral economics. It aims to help your bad habits into good ones.

It’s not a fast solution. You have to go on a bit of a journey with them starting with a 15-day plan to build more energy. You have to do this before you can unlock the weight loss functionality.

If you want then you can unlock the eat healthier journey for $15 per month.


2. iWish – Life Goals, Bucket List

iWish is an app that helps you achieve your life goals. It offers tips for achieving common goals, such as weight loss (Although these are quite simplistic).

It also sends inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and helps you visualize what you want to achieve in beautiful collages.

It’s $5.21 per month and enables you to track progress, set to-dos, priorities and set reminders.


3. Strides

With Strides, you can track all your goals and habits in one place. Always stay motivated and on track with flexible reminders.

The beautiful charts to help you achieve your goals. Allows you to track goals and shows your progress towards those goals.

For example, you can track your weight or whether you have exercised and get reminders and celebrate your goal streaks. The best thing about this app is totally free.

4. Way of Life

By using a simple system of red and green, Way of life helps you keep an eye on your lifestyle. You update daily specific habits such as exercise to get a visual representation as to how you are progressing against certain habits.

You can add notes to your entries to help you remember why it’s red, green or skipped.

A streak of green is good, red means you have made a poor decision. You can view trends in nice graphs. The free version lets you track three habits.

For more, it’s a one-time payment of $6.52.


5. Stickk

Stikk is a free weight loss motivation app that helps you track your goals, including weight loss. The app invites you to put money on the line, by committing to pay a sum determined by you to a charity or a friend or someone else if you fail to report back or if you don’t reach your goal.


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6. Productive

Productive is another habit tracker that helps you track your victories to keep yourself motivated. It’s free for the first few habits, and thereafter it is $3.64 a month.

You can set reminders for individual habits and view your habit trends by looking at a week by week data.


7. Habitlist

Habitlist is a simple, free habit tracking app that let you create the custom habits with their own frequency schedule and helps you track them.


8. Fitquotes

Fitquotes offers daily fitness-related and weight loss motivational quotes to inspire you. It’s free and you can get the notifications with your quotes at certain times every day.


9. Noom: Health & Weight

Noom promises to give you the weight loss motivation and guidance to make a true lifestyle change. It’s much more than a calorie counter.

It offers courses and customized plans, such as the healthy weight program that is $58.74 per month. The program covers an overview of calorie density and how to get unstuck.

You get a coach who helps you through the weight loss journey.


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10. Coach Me

This is a weight loss motivation app that is built around learning and support. You can set your weight loss goals and then choose from a range of popular diets as a part of the community.

You can hire a coach through the app for $19.99 for a week and get support from the community on your journey.


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