15 Best Romance Anime Show You Should Watch Now in 2021

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1. Teasing Master Takagi San

7.8/10 MyAnimeList.net | 4.8/5 Crunchyroll | 7.6/10 IMDb

All the romance anime I spoke of until now involves high schoolers, the big guys with big issues. But what about the small guys? In elementary youth where you got butterflies in your stomach every time you met your crush or tried hard figuring out the scientific equation for love.

Yes, Teasing Master Takagi San is about middle schoolers specifically a shy boy and a bullying girl. Now what might annoy some of you is the same formula is repeated again and again like your average scooby-doo episode. For those of you who don’t know it goes like this.

The girl starts bullying the boy. Boy thinks of a plan. Boy’s plan fails. The girl wins and gives a smug smile. But for me, rather than the annoyance it was actually pretty funny and lighthearted. This is one of those anime that make you go back to your childhood and reminisce about the things that happen and laugh at your own past. 

2. Tsuki Ga Kirei

8.2/10 – MyAnimeList.net | 4.8/5 – Crunchyroll | 7.8/10 – IMDb

This one starts slow. I mean slow enough for the duo to sit in the classroom. But after the slow start, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible and original romance anime that is full of both love and emotion. 

By that, I don’t mean that the story is going to get complex. It keeps the same simplicity throughout the whole series. But instead, puts more effort into building the personalities of our main characters. And that’s what I love about this anime is how they managed to do it subtly. As a writer, I can clearly say that this romance anime show is a good example of the golden rule.

You’re not directly given a clue about their behavior but it’s their eyes, their expression, their dialogue, their body language that truly tells you what they want to say. This is definitely in my top 10 high school romance anime list. 

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3. Bunni Girl Senpai

8.4/10 – MyAnimeList.net | 4.5/5 – Crunchyroll | 8.1/10 – IMDb

Nope, this romance anime show is not about bunny girls and I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times before. But going into this, you might expect a funny romance with no serious plot. But then just like me, you’ll be surprised by how it handles the social situations of each character. While shining the spotlight on real-world issues, you’ve got social anxiety, depression, loneliness, trust, and things you might have experienced at least once in your life. 

To be honest, they should go more into the slice of life category. But there’s also the romance of sakura and his bunny girl and how the two slowly find they are the perfect match for each other. So yes, it’s about a guy solving real-life issues with a girl who is dressed as a bunny girl.

4. Maid Sama

8/10 – MyAnimeList.net | 5/5 – Crunchyroll | 8/10 IMDb

Have you ever put ice into a boiling pot of water? At first, it might dissolve really fast but then you need to turn off the fire and drop a bucket load of ice, and only then will the pot slowly cool down. Yep, that’s the scenario of mate Sama. A really hot-headed feminist begins a feminist movement inside her school but also works as a maid to earn a family income.

She meets the most badass guy in the school who likes to lean on corridors, stalk girls and jump off roofs and the hot-headed girl slowly cools down and shows that tsundere does warm up when soaked in ice-cold water. That’s funny!

All right, anyways maid someone may feature a tissue ray slowly falling in love but before you say it’s been done a million times before, know that this story features a slowly blossoming romance. And in the very first episode itself, you may feel like punching the girl in the face due to her double standards. But then you’ll realize that’s part of her character arc.

5. Snow White With Red Hair

7.8/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.9/5 – Crunchyroll | 7.8/10 – IMDb

Most romance anime comes with a slice-of-life tag attached to it. So all of them take place in a modern setting. Even if we move into a fantasy setting, the romance enemy is there simply as a sub-genre or just as an element to hook the viewer.

But Snow White With Red Hair actually managed to deliver us an interesting romance anime fantasy show. It may start off in a Disney fairy tale style with the good prince and bad prince and innocent girl. But then it focuses on the girl’s adventure and how she learns to be a medic in the good prince’s castle.

The premise is simplistic but each of the characters has a backstory. Yes, even the so-called white knights that save the damsels in distress. This makes the story more unique and makes us actually empathize with the characters.

6. Rent a Girlfriend

7.5/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.4/5- Crunchyroll | 7.3/10- IMDb

Released in the summer of 2020 this anime brought some fresh tropes into the harem genre. You got three girls. All somehow in love with the main character who is dumb as a stone. I know some decisions of the main character may throw you off but what I liked about rent-a-girlfriend is the way clearly paved the road for one victor. 

Even though you know there are other girls you can already feel who is going to win the game. It was also great to see these girls adopt different personalities and display different traits rather than being a regular tsundere and dairy and all that. 

Overall rent-a-girlfriend was a fun enjoyable watch in the summer season and with attention-filled scenarios and rather playful situations that always managed to keep me hooked.

7. Akkun To Kanojo (My Sweet Tyrant)

6.8/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.2- Crunchyroll | 6.8/10- IMDb

Let’s start our list with My Sweet Tyrant. Our protagonist is in a relationship with a lovable and sweet girl named Non. However, his stupid behavior eventually ends up in embarrassment. Still, he shows his admiration for her in his own way. From taking her pictures to eavesdropping and in her conversation, he ends up stalking his own girlfriend. 

Luckily, she finds his actions cute and endearing. She loves her sweet tyrant just the way he is. If you are looking for something funny and romantic this might quench your thirst. But one thing to note before diving into the show is that this romance anime show is short each episode is three minutes long.

8. Tada-kun Wa Koi Wo Shinai (Tada Never Falls in Love)

7.5/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 7.5/10- Crunchyroll | 7.1/10- IMDb

In ninth place, we have Tada Never Falls in Love. Our protagonist is a high school student and an aspiring photographer. Love has never been a concern for him. However, things take a turn as he meets a beautiful foreigner named Teresa. 

After some random encounters, he invites her to his family coffee shop. There she explains that she’s separated from her traveling companion named alec. After helping her they both say goodbye.

But unexpectedly, they both show up as transfer students in his class the next day. Now his life is going to get livelier as new feelings have started blooming between them. Despite lacking in production values and little grips here and there, the show really does a great job in plotting characters.

9. Kotoura-San (The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura)

7.2/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.6/5- Crunchyroll | 6.7/10- IMDb

In 8th place, we have The Troubled Life of Miss Katura. Our protagonist possesses an ability to mind reading due to her ability. Her classmate sees her as a creepy and monstrous person. As a result, she became completely cold and unsociable to others.

However, everything changes when she transfers into a new school and meets a young boy named Yoshihiro. He finds her powers astonishing and promises to never leave her side. Except for some random cliche moments, I feel this romance anime show is the wildest emotional roller coaster it definitely needs more love than it’s getting.

10. Otome Youkai Zakuro (Zakuro)

7.5/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.7/5 – Crunchyroll | 6.9/10- IMDb

Moving on with our list we have Zakuro. Our protagonist is a son of a famous general and has an extreme fear of paranormal beings. However, he and others are reassigned to leave and work with youkai in the ministry of spirit affairs.

Now he has to face his worst nightmare. With the help of a fox spirit named Kushimatsu, he and his fellow officers must learn to work alongside Yuki Maidens. I feel the show is really well written and well-paced. Backed up by great character development and artwork.

This romance anime show is sure to keep you occupied for a while. Plus the satisfying ending adds more touch to the overall experience.

11. Sukitte II Na Yo (Say “I Love You”)

7.5 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.6/5 – Crunchyroll | 7.4/10 – IMDb

Ever since our protagonist was wrongly accused by her so-called friends. She tries to stay away from people in order to avoid getting hurt. But her life soon changes when a misunderstanding in her school causes her to encounter a popular student Yamato. 

She doesn’t expect anything from him but after some incidents, he ends up kissing her to save her from unwanted attention. With newly developed feelings, they start dating each other. Now she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle while finding a way to express her true feelings.

If you are looking for romance anime joe in slice of life elements, you’ll definitely love this show. 

12. Kobato

8/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.5/5- Crunchyroll | 7.4/10 – IMDb

Our protagonist came to earth on a mission to collect competilo. This can only be done by healing a suffering heart. She collects these because it is her wish to go to a certain place. However, she is not allowed to fall in love with anyone whose heart she heals, having a minimal plot.

The show does an amazing job of portraying contrasting qualities like laughter and tears. If you are looking for light-hearted and touching stories with a feel of romance you might enjoy this anime show. Overall, this romance anime show ends up giving a wonderful viewing experience.

13. Kokoro Connect

7.8/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.5/5- Crunchyroll | 7.5/10- IMDb

When five students at Yamaboshi academy realize that there is no club where they fit in they form a student cultural society together. However, one day two students from the club experience a strange phenomenon. 

They switch bodies for a short amount of time. As this phenomenon starts occurring randomly between five students, they start to discover each other’s secrets and emotional side. This could end up tearing their friendship apart. 

I know it’s a popular romance anime show and many of you have already seen it. But still, I feel it’s worth putting in this list for its unique premise and storyline.

14. Sakamichi No Apollon (Kids on The Slope)

8.4/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.8/5- Crunchyroll | 8.3/10- IMDb

Constantly moved from place to place since childhood. Our protagonist prepares himself for another lonely and meaningless year. He’s a classical pianist but his boring life takes a turn when he encounters a notorious delinquent named Centaur.

He helps our protagonist to learn more about music. Making him break out of his shell joined by a girl named Ritsuko. They start doing after-school jazz sessions in the basement of her record shop. Having an old school premise and little slow pacing are the only drawbacks of the show.

But overall, this romance anime show excels in character development and music. We can officially call this as a hidden gem.

15. High Score Girl

7.8/10 – MyAnimelist.net | 4.7/5- Crunchyroll | 8/10- IMDb

Becoming a professional gamer is a dream of 6th grader Haruo Yaguchi. His excellence in video games has earned him respect in the local arcade. His confidence shatters into the pieces when a girl from his class beats him in street fighter. She’s popular, rich, smart, and almost a perfect girl.

Something Haruo never cared about. Now that someone has come who can compete with him on equal terms. Sure this romance anime show lacks an animation department but writing, romance, music, and characters make up for it. Plus the ending is so wholesome I highly recommend you give it a try.

You can easily watch all the above mentioned romance anime show on Netflix and Crunchyroll

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