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Every household has mobiles, laptops, television, etc. There is no way your toddler is going to ignore them. They will find their visuals appealing and will try to get their hands on them.

If you give your mobile to your toddler to keep him busy and just forget about it, be ready for the worst. Exposing them to these devices for longer devices can have adverse effects on their eyesight. 

If it’s too late, then we also have a solution for that. To keep your child away from mobile, you can follow simple tips.

As a parent, you should understand that there are rules you need to follow before giving them access to your mobile phone.  

  • Keep track of their screen time.
  • Change display color to a warmer tone.
  • Start with colorful applications.
  • Choose educational apps instead of games.

Believe me, it can save you from buying a new pair of specs every week. 

Now, let’s move to the outcasts. No matter how outdated you are, keeping them away from these devices is not a solution. 

In the era of technical advancement, you don’t want your child to rely on obsolete learning methods. Being smart also means being familiar with such devices. 

Just to make you feel better, How about we add something educational for them? That sounds great, but you have no idea what’s best.

Don’t panic, we have compiled a list of applications for your little one to educate them while having fun. These applications are created to make learning more interactive. Let’s get started:

#1: ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is one of the most popular learning apps for kids. During my research, I noticed that this app is in every list of apps for toddlers.

What’s so good about this mouse?

I dug for information from the official website of ABC Mouse. And that’s when I realized, it is in the top charts for a reason. 

ABC Mouse is a COPPA-compliant learning platform. It contains no popups or any other advertisements. It saves you from the trouble of being redirected to some other website with malicious content. It has an interactive layout and it is available on all platforms. 

  • ABC Mouse covers reading, math, science, and art. 
  • Your child is given an avatar, who can traverse through various activities in the classroom. 
  • All the activities like audio pages, puzzles, games, art, etc. make it an engaging classroom. You might be intimidated by the variety of activities available in the virtual classroom.
  • Once your child gets used to it, he will navigate through them easily. 

There is a reward system to keep your kid motivated. They will earn points by completing activities. They can use these points to buy a virtual fish tank or a virtual hamster cage and modify them. 

This application is fully customizable. Parents can set the level of education their child needs. They can also set the difficulty level for the activities. An assessment center is also there to track the learnings of your young one. 

It is a paid app that needs a monthly subscription. If you go through the reviews you will realize that this small investment is worth it. 

#2: PBS Kids

PBS Kids have developed a whole range of applications for kids. It focuses on interactive learning for your little one. 

PBS kids’ app is usually redirected to their website. It works as a gateway for all the interactive activities available on their website. 

  • The main attraction of PBS kids is the selection of characters. It uses famous characters for kids as an outline for their activities. 
  • Your kid will be learning with Arthur, Dinosaur train, cyberchase, etc. The activities created are relatable to the characters, making it look more convincing. 
  • Your kid will be living his adventures while learning. 

PBS kids games have voice instructions, visual clues, etc to help them work on every educational aspect. Even the games are categorized in various genres to make it easier to explore their interests. 

PBS Kids is available on Android as well as iOs. Parents can set the preferences and restrictions to make it a better learning environment for their child. 

#3: Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes is a very interactive application for toddlers. It can be used as the first application to introduce your children to modern devices. It is simple, colorful, and challenging.

Busy Shapes is based on Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. This application is packed with Artificial intelligence and visuals to support the consistent learning of your child. 

  • Busy Shapes gives a virtual playground to your kid to explore various shapes and colors. The shapes and stages are not randomly generated. 
  • The application traverses through relatable content. This helps the toddlers in understanding the significance of those shapes and objects in real life. 
  • The difficulty level of the application increases gradually as your kid solves the puzzles. Therefore, it requires minimal assistance. 
  • Developers also ensured that the difficulty level does not lead to frustration in your child. It uses AI to ease up the flow if your child is stuck.

Parents can access the usage and track their kid’s progress and time spent on the application. Having a scientific theory behind the development of this application makes it credible. It can be a great learning tool for your toddler. 

Bonus Tips:

Helping toddler to have a self-study habit is a very good thing. Those children are very lucky to have such an educated parent. 

I also strongly recommend new parents to have a baby monitor in their house because trusting baby sitter is not the right thing when there is full proof of the technology available.

#4: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey preschool lunchbox is a compilation of 7 interactive games for your toddlers. All the activities in this game are handpicked to give the best learning experience. The developers have been in the business for more than a decade. They know what your child loves.

  • It covers all the fundamentals like colors, numbers, counting, matching, puzzle, etc. 
  • A monkey guides your child throughout the learning process. This application is easy yet educational. 
  • It has a colorful and simple user interface. Minimal assistance is required for this application. 
  • Kids are rewarded with stickers after completing an activity. This application keeps revolving around the activities in an endless cycle. 

The activities are selected randomly, the parents have no control over it. However, the application is equipped with parental controls. The application is unpredictable, making it an interesting learning platform.  

#5: Moose Math

Mathematics can be quite a struggle if your child is not familiar with numbers. Elementary mathematics is easy and children can grasp it easily. But introducing your kid to numbers before their schooling can make them more inclined towards math. 

Moose Math is an educational application for your young one with a very interesting concept of building a city. Every building offers interactive games. The games are relatable to the buildings to keep learning interactive. 

  • As your child keeps progressing, the city is built by reward points. 
  • It keeps them engaged and wanting to learn more. As they aim to modify or build a new building, they learn a lot of stuff along the way. 
  • Moose math teaches counting, addition, subtraction.
  • This free application is available on android and iOS. Parents can have a look at the report card of their little one to monitor their progress. 


In conclusion, these applications can be used as a tool to educate your child but it needs to be constrained. You can’t just let them have it while you are finishing up your chores. If your kid is going to be acquainted with new technology. It is wise to do it gradually and create a healthy learning environment for them. 

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