5 Popular Beauty Apps For Women and Girls to Try in 2021

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Keeping yourself looking and feeling pampered isn’t easy and sometimes booking that appointment to get yourself looking like a celeb, the day before you go on holiday can be never impossible. Beauty apps are there to make this possible and to get you looking and feeling great. Beauty apps makes you feel like you have thousands of beauty therapists on speed dial. Here are 5 beauty apps that makes booking beauty and wellness appointments super easy.

The 5 Best Beauty Apps for Women’s

1. BeYou

The first beauty app is BeYou. BeYou allows you to put makeup artists to come to your home. The app itself is easy to use and is different to other apps. In that, you don’t pay a fixed price. You pay a different price depending on the beauty therapist you choose.

I guess the quality differs depending on the price but this is a good app to use if you aren’t wanting to pay a fixed price and can probably save you a bit of money too.

There are lots of stylists and therapists to choose from which makes it hard to choose one. But if you find someone you like, you can select them for your upcoming treatments which are nice.


2. Missbeez

The next beauty app is Missbeez. This one is an apps that sends beauty therapists to your home. So you can have treatments like manicures or massages in the comfort of your own home. You will like this app because it’s easy to get things booked and there aren’t too many beauticians to choose from.

Missbeez is described as uber for beauty which made me laugh because it’s so different to Uber in what’s being offered but also it’s very true. Everything is in one place and you know who you’re meeting and what you’re getting.

I guess it’s as easy to use as Uber.


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3. Emily Rose SPA

The Emily Rose SPA is a pretty pink app that’s easy to use. This app allows you to book an appointment with beauty and hair specialists in the comfort of your own home. This app has a more holistic theme and is less about makeup and more about wellness.

I like that about the app because it makes it different to the others. The design of the app is also very pretty.


4. Blow Ltd.

Blow limited is an app that sends hair stylists makeup artists, nail and lashes technicians to your door. I like it because it’s constantly being updated which shows that BlowLtd. listens to their customers.

I like the layout and design of this app and BlowLtd. has a beauty bar in London Birmingham and Manchester. So you can easily book on the app and go and see their artists install.


5. Ruuby

The next beauty app that delivers beauty professionals to your door or office or hotels. I really love the style of this app because it’s so pretty. It’s easy to navigate and the racing system is a really good idea.

You get to see a little about your technician or stylist and read a short bio for each. This will maybe your favorite app out of all of them. It’s easy to use and it’s trustworthy or at least they know how to make themselves look trustworthy.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing. The app is exclusive to London as well.


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