About Us

Studentjankari is one of the leading educational content providers in India. As the website name, we provide more and deeper information about education-related educational news, exam notes, exam updates, courses, career & jobs, and many more.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide correct study materials, knowledge and information to the students in a very quick time. A lot of students failed to get the right study materials, correct information and because of that, they lost their valuable time.

But our goal is to provide accurate and valuable content in an easy way so that they will not be deprived of important information.

In Studentjankari, most content will be for the 12th standard or above.

Behind StudentJankari

Behind this website is the hand of two students who have been deprived of their studious materials and correct information during their education time. Due to these reasons, both these students want to provide an educational portal of India, in which no student is deprived of all these things while studying, like these two students.

Manoj Prasad: Founder and Chief Editor

Manoj graduated in Information Technology from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India. He keeps looking for different ways to earn money since childhood. He has a lot of knowledge about how to earn money from the Internet and how to overcome yourself from financial constraints.

Deepak Nagre: Content Writer

Deepak graduated in Information Technology from Mumbai University, Vartak College, Mumbai, India. Deepak the person who given the main idea to discover this educational portal (Studentjankari.com). He always ready to help other students in studying. He now ready to help the students across all over India through this website.

Ranjeet Kaur: Content Writer

Ranjeet Kaur

Ranjeet is graduated in the stream of Arts from A.G.D.C. Lucknow, India. She feels the world needs strong women who lift & builds others. She believed that she could, so she did. Sooner or later each one can achieve success if one desires. She has innovative ideas in abundance and wants to help youth.”SKY IS THE LIMIT“.

For any business inquiries or collaboration, mail us at studentjankari@gmail.com or visit the Contact Us page.

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