13 Popular and Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2021

free sports streaming sites

Every person has a favorite sport that is very attached to him and uses online or offline resources to keep the person updated for that game. In today’s busy life, people do not want to spend hours in front of the television. So nowadays, using all the free sports streaming sites, they updated with their favorite games.

This is also right because no one wants to waste their hours behind the television. Nowadays, you can enjoy the broadcast of all live sports online for free from your smartphone.

Today, almost everyone can enjoy the live broadcast of sports through their smartphone or computer. But there are many people among you who are confused as to what platforms they can enjoy. So through this article, I am going to tell you about 13 such free sports streaming sites that allow you to broadcasts all types of games for free.

Best Sports Streaming Website

1. FromHot

Currently, FromHot is the number one free sports streaming sites on the internet. FromHot uses very light interface for the convenient of its user. When you visit this website, you feel like a premium website.

When you entered in this website, you will not ask you for any registration. Here, you can watch games like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports, etc.

FromHot services are fast and free of cost. You don’t have to pay any registration charges. In a few clicks, the live stream of any sports will come on your computer screen.

The navigation system is rapid and straightforward. FromHot does not use any advertisement, so this is also an excellent thing for its audience.
For these reasons, this website is one of the best free sports streaming sites on the web.

Website: http://www.fromhot.com/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports, etc.

Countries: India, Japan, France, Germany, Portugal, etc.

Website Global Rank: 20,000


ESPN is an American based company which provide sports service in the USA. There is no doubt that this website is famous in the USA as well as all over the world. If you’re looking for free sports streaming sites, then you can’t ignore the ESPN.

According to ESPN, about 430 million people are coming to ESPN every single month. Here, you can enjoy premium as well as free service in one platform.

This site gives you live score of as well live telecast of sports in its apps as well as its websites. Yes, ESPN has an app in which you can enjoy many sports directly into your smartphone.

So, if you’re not a citizen of the USA, and you want to stream live USA sports, then you have to use VPN services. For free sports streaming sites, ESPN can be a great option for you.

website: http://www.espn.com/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Football, Cricket, NBA, Tennis, NFL, MLB, etc.

Countries: India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Website Global Rank: 430

3. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is another a great free sports streaming sites which allows you to watch live streaming of different games like football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and many more for free. The best thing about this website is you can stream all live stream into a high definition.

In the main page of this free sports streaming website, you can see the live stream of sports with the event name which is available. Stream2watch uses some pop-up ads for maintaining their servers. So if you want to enjoy live streaming of games here, then you should use adblocker service to your computer.

So, after looking for its video quality and fast services, I think Stream2watch is another a great free sports streaming sites which will entertain you for free of cost.

website: https://www.stream2watch.org

Types of Cricket You Can Watch: Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, American Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Snooker, Baseball, Tennis, Volley, Wrestling, UFC, Motor other.

Website Global Rank: 165,703

Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, etc.

4. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is an Indian on-demand video service and entertainment company which is owned by Sony Pictures Network. According to me, Soniliv is a great platform, if you are a sports enthusiast as well as movies. Yes, here you can enjoy TV shows, movies, and free live sports streaming.

If you have come here for sports, then tell me that you can enjoy a wide range of games such as cricket, football, and tennis. And the most exciting thing is that you can watch all these sports live broadcasts for free.

Sonyliv free sports streaming sites

If you want to watch movies or TV shows then here you will find videos of some TV shows or movies that you will have to purchase its premium account. But if you want to use this website for the broadcast of sports, then you will not need to buy any premium.

One more good thing on this website is that you can enjoy live broadcasts of sports by downloading it apps from both the platforms Android and iOS app store. So, this is again the best free sports streaming sites.

website: https://sonyliv.com

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Cricket, Football, Tennis, NBA, WWE, MotoGP, Fight Sport, Racing

Website Global Rank: 622

Countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is again best free sports streaming sites which allows you to watch live broadcasting of games in HD quality with free of cost.

This sports streaming website is an Indian based entertainment and on-demand video service platform which provide live sports stream as well as TV shows and movies.

Hotstar has been purchased by Novi Digital Entertainment, which lets you estimate the quality and features of this website. This is a great and famous website in comparison to your services.

Here you can enjoy the live broadcast of different types of sports, without buying a premium account.

Here you can find information about TV shows, movies, sports as well as Current News from one place. Hoster is quite famous in Indian.

If you are very fond of watching cricket, then the Hotstar can be very beneficial for you, because here all the games are broadcasting live with high quality.

website: https://hotstar.com

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Cricket, Football, Badminton, eSport, Kabbadi, Hockey, Tennis, Formula 1, Formula 2, Table Tennis, Athletics, Golf, Swimming, Boxing

Website Global Rank: 230

Countries: India, United States, Canada

6. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is a clean and user-friendly interface. These free sports streaming sites are very famous in the USA. The navigation system VIPLeague is very convenient and easy to use.

VIPLeague is one of the sites which provides live broadcasting of all sports like football, Rugby, Baseball, WWE, Boxing, Fromula1, Fighting, and many more.

When you entered into this website, you can see every single game symbol that currently is going on live. Just click on the image symbol which you want to stream live and enjoy your favorite game just sitting at home.

As I told you that this website provides live broadcasting of American games so if you’re interested in watching any of those games, then you have to use free VPN service on your browser.

website: https://www.vipleague.tv/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Football, Rugby, Baseball, WWE, Boxing, Fromula1, Fighting, and many more.

Countries: Italy, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

Website Global Rank: N/A

7. Laola1

Laola1 is known as the best free sports streaming sites for the football game. But you can watch other than football games such as hockey, baseball, volleyball, table tennis, etc. for free.

At the top bar, you can see the latest sports event happening with starting time and place. On the top menu, there is a button of Live in which when you click on that Live button; you will be access to all live streaming sports happening around the globe.

Laola1 free sports streaming sites

You should use this free sports streaming sites as it provides you with all the services that are available to you on other sports streaming websites.

There is another advantage in this, and it does not require you to buy a registration or premium account in it. All premium features and services are offers on this website free of cost.

website: https://www.laola1.tv

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, etc.

Website Global Rank: 48,560

Countries: Germany, Greece, France, United Kingdom, Italy, etc.

8. Cricfree

As its name suggests, this is a free sports streaming sites that allows you to watch so many sports such as baseball, football, table tennis, volleyball, etc. Cricfree provides you with excellent and quality content for free.

When you visit this site, you can able to see different sports schedule and current running streaming games with the remaining time. For watching live games, you have to click on the watch button after that live broadcasting of games will be available to you.

So, again Cricfree Tv can be the best and free sports streaming site for you. In some region, this free sports streaming site is banned. So, if you want to enjoy watching games here, you have to use some VPN services here.

website: http://crickfree.org/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Football, Rugby, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, etc.

Website Global Rank: 43,617

Countries: United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Germany, etc.

9. Ultrasport Tv

It is another best and new free sports streaming sites that let you watch current sports which running currently. All live video content is extremely very good.

Ultrasport Tv has an excellent and unique feature and user interface. Here all services are of cost. You don’t have to register and pay for any premium account for watching live sports.

In this platform, there so many popular sports content such as Football, NFL, Motorsport, Tennis, Hockey and many more.

In these sports sites, you can watch live sports by clicking on the Live tab. So this Ultrasports Tv can be the best sports channel or website for streaming different sports.

website: https://www.ultrasports.tv/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Football, NFL, Tennis, MotorSport, Hockey, Other.

Countries: United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.

Website Global Rank: 59,528

10. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports can be the right option for free sports streaming website if other or above sports website will not work. This website provides to watch many of your favorite sports which are going live.

Sorry to say that this website uses so many ads so if above sports streaming link do not work then only use this website otherwise you will be frustrated because of so many bothering ads.

Website: http://xn--firstrowspors-7vc.eu/#

Types of Sports you can Watch: Football, Basketball, Rugby, Boxing, WWE, UFC, Tennis, MotorSport, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Other

Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, etc.

Website Global Rank: 20,058

11. StreamSports

StreamSports is a website where you can watch all sports which are played mostly in the USA, Europe countries. The homepage of this website is neat and clean, but when you play any video, you will get some ads which are very annoying. So, I recommend you to use some adblocker before using this website.

The best thing I like about this site is the availability of the video content. You can watch different countries sports which are currently going on live on a single platform.

You can also know the current events by clicking the Events tab. This sports website provides you the current Leagues which currently going on. Sounds good? So why you’re waiting? Go and watch your favorite sports at this free sports streaming sites for free.

website: https://www.streamsports.ws

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Tennis, Table Tennis, Billiard, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Combat Sport, Bandy, Handball, Football, Winter Sport, Waterpolo, Baseball, Ice Hockey.

Website Global Rank: 226, 306

Countries: Italy, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

12. Telemundo Deportes

Telemundo Deportes is a famous website in Spain and the whole world which provide sports events and magazine program. This website belongs to Spanish, so all the content of this website is in the Spanish language.

Here you can see a lot of sports content which is related to the Olympics and Champion League. The streaming quality is excellent, and you will not be annoyed by the ads.

So this is another best free sports streaming sites if you’re very fond of Olympics games, Champion League and Premier League.

website: http://www.telemundodeportes.com/

Types of Sports You Can Watch: Premier League, Champion League, Italy Serie A, Boxing, FIFA, Football, etc.

Countries: United States, India, Iran, etc.

Website Global Rank: 234,858

13. FoxSport

FoxSport is a well-known platform for premium and free sports streaming sites. Here you can watch all types of sports which you know with the best quality. The navigation menu and streaming experience are fantastic.

Foxsports is the world famous website for the latest sports news and live streaming. Foxsports channel provides you different sports event from different countries.

It is responsible for different types of live sports broadcasting with dedicated regional and national sports. So this can be another best and free sports streaming sites for you.

website: https://www.foxsportsasia.com

Types of Sports You Can Watch: AFC Asian Cup, Australian Open, Asian Football, Football, Badminton, Golf, Basketball, WWE, etc.

Website Global Rank: 19, 709

Countries: United States, Vietnam, India, etc.

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